What types of insurance do you accept?

We currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, TriCare, Aetna, United Healthcare,  Humana, Mercy Care, United Community Plan, Care 1st, Cigna and many more. Please call for details.

How do I know if my child can benefit from pediatric therapy?

Please consult your physician or call us to schedule a free 15 minute screening at the clinic for physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

Do you offer social skills groups?

We offer communication and social skills groups for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary aged children, and middle/highschool students.

What do I need to fill out before the first appointment?

Initial intake forms will be provided prior to the initial appointment.  Please contact our office at (480) 787-5387 for additional details.

Do you offer appointments on Saturdays?

Yes.  We do offer Saturday appointments, but slots are filling up quickly.  Please contact our office for current availability.

How long does an appointment take?

Therapy frequency is recommended by the evaluating therapist and is CUSTOM for each child.  Attending therapy consistently at the recommended frequency is the KEY to meeting therapy goals.

Many parents who are new to therapy want an idea, before they come for their initial appointment, of what other families experience during therapy.

For speech/language therapy, many of our families bring children for two 30 minute sessions per week.

Most of our OT and PT patients are typically seen for one to two 30 – 50 minute session per week.

However, it is important to remember that evaluating therapists design therapy for each individual child, so although these frequencies are common, each therapy frequency will be custom designed.

My child has braces and his/her orthodontist recommended therapy for a tongue thrust. Do you provide therapy to address tongue thrust?

Our Speech-Language Pathologists have attended training for certification with the International Association of Orofacial Myology. Please check out our link further explaining Orofacial Myology under the “Our Services” tab under “Speech Services.”

My child sucks his/her thumb. Do you have services to address thumb sucking, finger sucking, or pacifier sucking habits?

We offer services to help eliminate thumb/finger/pacifier sucking habits in children as young as age four.

What are common misconceptions about dyslexia?
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