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How We Guide You To Success

Feel confident about how to help your child reach developmental milestones.

Feel Confident as a Parent

You're struggling to help your child. We help you feel confident as a parent.

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We provide you tools, guides, and training so that you can work with your child at home after your visit.

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Are you covered? Are you not? We help you know if you're covered before care is provided to avoid any surprise bills.

The Proud Progress Plan: Three Steps to Your Child's Success

Get Your Child The Tools They Need To Succeed

Step1: Contact Your Doctor

Ask your family doctor for a referral to Therapy Tree.

Step 2: Call Us

Schedule an evaluation to begin your personalized treatment plan.

Step 3: See Results

Experience the joy of seeing your child progress.

Therapy Tree is Trusted By These Doctors & Hospitals

Phoenix Children's Hospital
Pediatrix Medical Group
Estrella Pediatrics
56th Medical Group
DV Peds
Barrow Neurological Institute
Abrazo Medical Group

A Parent's Guide To Developmental Goals

Does my child need help? Is their behavior normal for a child that age? 

This guide helps parents find the answers to those questions & more!

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Parents Who Work With Us Experience

Working with a friendly caring staff

Getting relief and have a plan to help your child

A warm and safe atmosphere

At Therapy Tree, we know that you want to be proud of how well your child is reaching developmental milestones. Sometimes though, your child falls behind and you don't know what to do to help. You just want to see them succeed! In order to do that, you need to give your child the resources they need.

The problem is you know your child needs therapy but you can't get them the help they need. They're hard to manage at home, falling behind in school, and you're frustrated because you don't know how to help. If only you had the right tools to help them succeed!

We believe that every child deserves the same opportunities to succeed in life regardless of disabilities. We are parents ourselves and have worked with our own children to overcome speech issues. We know what you're going through which is why we created our clinic. We've helped thousands of patients and hundreds of parents and guardians get the support they've needed over the last five years.

Here's how we help you get your child back on track.

1. Contact Your Doctor- We ensure you have a referral from your doctor. Insurance is a pain, we get it, but our experienced billing team ensures from the start that with a doctor referral you know right away if you're covered.

2. Schedule an Evaluation- During your first visit, we'll review your child's needs and craft a personalized plan based on tried and true treatments to help them get back on track fast. We also provide you with training on how to work with your child at home to speed up development.

3. Enjoy your child's progress- after several sessions you may hear your child speak for the first time, write without shedding a tear, or eat without screaming! The smiles in their eyes will reflect on yours as you enjoy the amazing progress they've made.