Waffle Love Food Truck Visits Therapy Tree

 December 3, 2020


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Waffle Love hung out at our Southwest Phoenix Clinic and served delicious waffles on Tuesday, Dec. 1!

Waffle Love is a local food truck that serves every kind of waffle, from chocolate-stuffed to grilled cheese! They served waffles to the Therapy Tree staff, patients, and neighboring businesses. Not only did it bring the community together, but everyone walked away from the food truck with a smile on their face.

“The waffles were very good and reminded me of a homestyle breakfast,” said Veronica, a Therapy Tree employee.

Founder, Adam Terry, used to be a banker before he founded Waffle Love. He hated his corporate job and had big dreams of someday owning his own restaurant. After he saw a local restaurant go up for sale one day, he pitched an offer and bought it. In 2012, Waffle Love was born, and the customers started flowing in!

“”I don’t know most of you, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude for you. I wish I could personally thank each one of you. I can’t think about it long before crying because, you turned that knob for us. Thank you thank you thank you,” said Terry about Waffle Love’s customers.

Waffle Love has been operating for 8 years now and continues to bring the Arizona community together through delicious and uniquely crafted waffles.

They operate in five different states, including Arizona, Utah, Idaho, California, and Texas. Some of their popular menu items are the “Strawberries and Cream,” “Red Wonder,” “Nutella Love,” “Cinnabliss,” and “Grilled Cheese and Bisque.” The “Cinnabliss” is on the sweet side of the menu and consists of cinnamon and a sugar waffle topped with fried ice cream and dulce de leche caramel. On the other side of taste buds, their “Grilled Cheese and Bisque” is a muenster and provolone, with a side of creamy tomato bisque.

“We continue to be blown away by the kindness, enthusiasm, and goodness of the people we get to serve everyday. Love has always been, and will always be, the main ingredient in Waffle Love,” said Terry.

Everyone at Therapy Tree was happy to have the food truck and we welcome them back anytime!

For more information about Waffle Love, please visit http://www.waffluv.com.

You can also view their schedule and more mouthwatering photos of their food on Instagram: @waffluvaz and @waffluv.

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