This Phoenix Boutique Supports & Features Local Artists

 March 3, 2021

Downtown Phoenix is known for supporting local art, and MADE Boutique is no exception.

95% of the products sold by MADE Boutique are all made by local artists, including local handmade jewelry, greeting cards, ceramics, beauty products, clothes, stickers, and paintings.

“Everyone who works here is really passionate and even some of their art is featured in the store,” said Katrina, a MADE Boutique employee.

Katrina is a creative as well, and she loves the fact that the store supports creatives. Some of the local artists supported by MADE Boutique include Audrey De La Cruz, The Painted Ladies, Crooked Tree Farm Ceramics, and Sarah Madeline.

The owner, Cindy Dach, has owned the shop since 2005. Also an artist, Dach sells her embroidered art squares in the store.

“The energy of Roosevelt Row is really special,” said Katrina.

Local artists are encouraged to contact Cindy through the MADE Boutique website to discuss selling their art in-store. To start, the store offers trial runs where they sell the artist’s creations.
MADE Boutique also offers shipping and in-store pickup.
To learn more, check out their site:
For a peek at the lovely art pieces for sale, check out their Instagram!


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