A New Phoenix Selfie Studio Makes Waves In The Local Creative Community

 March 1, 2021

Pixy Pros, a new selfie studio in Phoenix, is the new popular spot for Instagram-lovers.

The owners, Andrew Sinichar and Elora Tran, created the studio as a more affordable venue for creators to create content. Pixy Pros is an interactive selfie museum with over eight different themed & aesthetically pleasing rooms to practice those selfie skills, including a yellow room with a yellow bike and sunflowers, a purple room with a makeup mirror and purple butterflies, and a pink room with flowers adorning the walls and decorating the ceiling.

 “We want to support the creative business here and expand, this is our vision,” said owner, Andrew Sinichar.

Originally from New York, Sinichar and met Tran, from Mississippi, on Instagram. The two talked constantly, fell in love, and decided to build creative businesses together. They also own a social media marketing agency that specializes in web development, content creation, app development, and Tik Tok influencer marketing.

The pair are also planning to expand the current studio, buy a second property, and also build an additional studio! Sinichar and Tran also contract photographers at their studio, which provides valuable job opportunities for Arizona photographers.

Famous musicians and social media influencers have come by to take pictures and make music videos, including Aiesha Beasley, Michele Renee and, Aubrey Matthesisus The studio only charges $25 an hour and is open to all ages.

To schedule a session visit https://www.pixypros.com/.
To peek into the studio, check out their Instagram.


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