This Local Donut Shop Puts Krispy Kreme to Shame

 February 26, 2021

Calling all you donut lovers! Daily Donuts and Wings is definitely a must-try.

Andy operates the eatery alongside his parents, and they offer a blissful combination of donuts and wings to complement the sweets.

“It was a pretty bizarre concept to me when we first started but surprisingly enough people really like it,” stated Andy.

Patrons will come in daily at six in the morning to grab not only the donuts but the wings as well, according to Andy. The idea came from a family movie night at Andy’s house where his mother claimed that she wanted to sell something other than just donuts. At the time Andy was eating chicken wings so his mother came up with the idea of selling wings as well.

“It may be surprising but sometimes sweet and savory go pretty well together,” stated Andy.

One of their most popular pairings is a regular glazed donut with Thai tea (shown above). The tea is not as sweet as the donut so it balances the dish altogether.

Another popular pairing at the restaurant is their Caramel Latte Smoothie and Fruity Pebble donut (shown above). The smoothie has french vanilla, milk, big train powder mix and is all blended together.

The restaurant also sells a 5-piece fried chicken plate for only $5.99.
And for yummy food photos, check out their Instagram!

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