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Children's Therapy Services We Offer in Tucson, AZ

Free Screenings

Not sure if therapy would benefit your child? Schedule a free 15 minute phone screening with one of Therapy Tree's certified therapists. Available for speech, occupational, physical, and feeding screenings.

Therapy Evaluation

Our therapists will perform a detailed evaluation to determine the type and extent of any difficulty your child might be experiencing. We will also help you figure out if your child would benefit from therapy and develop a tailored plan for your child's unique needs. Online evaluations available.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Every child develops speech and language skills at their own pace. Speech Therapy focuses on helping kids improve their speech and language skills when they struggle with articulation, language, fluency, voice, reading, comprehension, etc.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Our goal is to help your child increase motor skills and achieve the greatest level of independence possible in different areas of everyday life such as writing, getting dressed, playing, bathing, etc. Occupational Therapy helps kids develop movement and coordination through everyday activities (occupations).

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists at Therapy Tree help kids who show limitations in movement improve their range of motion, strength, balance, coordination, and overall motor skills that might result from an injury, surgery or disability.

Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Feeding issues can affect a child's ability to eat enough to grow and develop. Some children might struggle with chewing and swallowing food or consume a limited repertoire of foods. Our therapists will do their best to make mealtimes more enjoyable for both children and parents by improving your child's relationship with food.

Therapeutic Classes for kids

Therapy Tree offers a variety of therapeutic group classes for kids that promote: early language, attention, imitation, turn-taking, direction following, play development, identifying/labeling objects, school readiness, social skills, articulation/sound production, and more. A speech or occupational therapy evaluation must be completed to choose the best class for your child.


We provide online video evaluations as well as therapy treatment for kids in the comfort of their homes. Teletherapy is available for speech, occupational, physical, & feeding therapy.