Putting Your Child In Karate Can Help Them Learn Self-Discipline and Build Confidence

 February 9, 2021

When thinking about what activities to put your children in, you should highly consider karate.

At a local dojo, Far East Martial Arts, your children can learn a range of styles including traditional karate, Jui Jitsu, kickboxing, and Shaolin kung fu. Martial Arts can be a great activity to get your children into for a whole range of reasons and here are some of them.

1. It builds self-esteem and confidence

This activity enables children to learn new skills and work together better with other students in their class. They can build new friendships with other children their age and perform their skills during grading or special events.

2. They learn respect for others and listening skills

With karate, you have to learn to respect your instructor as it is an important part of Martial Arts. Children will learn to listen and to follow instructions in order to learn new moves and skills.

3. It encourages teamwork and belonging

Teamwork is a vital part of Martial Arts, with working in pairs being a regular thing in sparring. Being part of a club creates a sense of belonging and creates lifelong friendships.

4. They get great exercise in a safe environment

With a child who likes to punch, kick, roll, or wrestle this is a great activity that is safe to do. They learn how to punch bags, how to land safely, and how to block someone else’s punches or kicks. It is a better alternative than practicing with siblings in the living room.

5. They learn about conflict resolution

Many styles of Martial Arts focus on self-defense rather than starting fights themselves. It does not allow fighting between students and teaches children peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution skills. In addition, it teaches them to be focused and if they love it they can continue learning it into adulthood.

Far East Martial Arts teaches a variety of children and adult classes, as well as online classes to be safe during the pandemic. They teaches classes Monday-Thursdays and Saturdays every week.

For more information on classes visit https://martialartswestvalley.com/

Or call at (623) 772-8484.

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