Pop Up Kitchen Sets Up At Therapy Tree

 January 6, 2021

Trini’s Kitchen served delicious asian cuisine today at Therapy Tree in Glendale.

The pop up kitchen served three of their most popular dishes to the staff and surrounding businesses on Tuesday, Jan. 5. The food they served included their California Roll, Chicken Teriyaki Bowl, and their Yakisoba Noodle.

The California Roll is a fresh dish that contains avocado, cucumber and imitation crab meat. For something more on the veggie side, the Teriyaki Bowl contains pan fried chicken, broccoli and carrots. These ingredients are all cooked in their homemade teriyaki sauce and served on a bed of rice. Their most popular dish, the Yakisoba Noodles, contains delicious stir fried noodles with yakisoba sauce and veggies.

“The food was made fresh, tasted delicious, and was so affordable,” said one of the therapists at the Glendale Clinic excitedly.

According to their website, the kitchen is very big on gathering family and friends with their meals to celebrate life’s many milestones. They also state that they put lots of love and attention in each meal and event.

The pop up kitchen is at select farmers markets weekly so make sure to keep an eye on their social media pages for information!

Follow them @trinis_kitchen

For more information visit https://www.triniskitchen.com/

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