Places To Hike In Arizona: Sycamore Canyon

 January 19, 2021

Sycamore Canyon is a hidden gem just two hours outside of Phoenix with its greenery, creeks, trails, and waterfalls.

The canyon is located in Clarkdale, AZ and it is important to mention that you must have 4 wheel drive to reach this destination comfortably.

The canyon winds over 20 miles along Sycamore Creek and has beautiful red sandstone. About 2 miles down into the canyon the first large pool of water can be seen where you can go cliff jumping. Animals that have been spotted here include ring-tailed cats, black bears, mountain lions, seasonal elk and deer, rattlesnakes, scorpions, etc.

There are several trails in the canyon itself including the Kelsey Trail (5.6 miles), Dorsey Spring Trail (1.7 miles), and Parson’s Trail (7.3 miles). The most popular is the 11-mile-long Sycamore Rim Trail Loop which offers a great look into the canyon. Backpackers should always carry ample water when venturing up the canyon. It’s best to avoid the screaming-hot summers. The good thing about the canyon is that offers multiple trails that range from easy to hard.

Make sure to always prepare (no matter what trail you are doing) bring plenty of water, snacks, and great hiking shoes. This is a great destination to take an adventure to and get out of town for a bit. Clarkdale is right next door and offers multiple Airbnb options in case you want to stay the night.

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