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June 2022 Newsletter

Come say hi to us at First Friday at The Children's Museum

Friday, June 3rd from 5-9 pm

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is open for FREE on the first Friday of each month. One of the top three children’s museums in the nation, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix is a wondrous place of imagination, inspiration, creativity and just plain fun! Designed for children ages birth to 10 and with over 48,000 square feet of space, there’s plenty to touch. Visit the website for more information.

Providing Pediatric Speech, Physical,

Occupational Therapy & More!

"What is a home without children? Quiet." 

- Henny Youngman

Welcome to the Therapy Tree Team!

Patty S.

Front Office Specialist | Gilbert

Liliana N. C.

OT | SW Phoenix

Kiley F.

SLPA | Glendale

Alishondra N.

SLPA | Gilbert

Thalia R.

OT Bilingual | SW Phoenix

Staff Spotlight!

You Plant the Seed, We Help You Grow.

Patient Testimonial

"After getting the opportunity of having online appointments with Therapy Tree, I have seen so much improvement in my brother's speech! This was all possible with the help of his therapist Katie, always encouraging him & providing us with helpful tips of what we can do to improve his speech. Thank you so much for your effort & support Katie!"

- Michelle M. 


Speech Language Pathologist:

Glendale Clinic (Full Time)

Occupational Therapist:

Central PHX (Full Time)

Speech Language Pathologist:

Gilbert Clinic (Full Time)

Physical Therapist:

Glendale Clinic (Full Time)

For more information visit therapytreeaz.com/careers 

Insurance Updates

Attention AHCCCS patients! AHCCCS is doing all re-enrollments currently & unfortunately this may affect your child. Please let the billing department or front desk know if your AHCCCS plan has changed. This will eliminate any gaps in service. If you are no longer going to be on AHCCCS please email billing@therapytree.com with your new insurance information. 

Thank you kindly.


It’s said that being a parent is like watching your heart walk around outside of your body. We share our children’s joy and excitement—and we also feel their struggles as deeply as if they were our own.


As a parent, you only want the best for your child. So, when you notice they’re having difficulty with their speech or language skills, you spring into action to support them (just like the superhero they already believe you are). Maybe you’ve noticed your child has difficulty understanding what’s said to them. At first, you thought it might be a hearing issue—after all, kids are always getting ear infections, right?

Therapy Tree Tip: For Parents

How Car Time Can Help Meet Your Children's Therapy Goals 

"Give your child two choices and label each item. For example "ball or car" or "cookie or cracker" Show your child each option as you say its name. When your child tries to say one of the items or reaches or points for it, label the item again and give it to them. Giving choices is a great way to improve gesture, pointing and increase vocabulary understanding and use. To make children's phrases and sentences longer add one word to whatever they say. By adding a word, you are helping reinforce the vocabulary they are already using while adding vocabulary and grammar. If your child is using one word, use two. 

For example: Child says "shoes" say "your shoes" or child says "car" say "go car" You can add pronouns like mine, yours and his. You can also use adjectives like colors and sizes. If your child is using two words use three words. For example: child says give me, you say "give me block" or child says "fast", you say "it goes fast."

- Candace Banks, Clinical Director & SLP | Southwest Clinic

Storytime: Book of the Month!

There's a Bear on My Chair by Ross Collins

Featured Local Giveaway's

Renaissance Festival | Gold Canyon, AZ

The Renaissance Festival donated two pairs of tickets, both pairs were gifted to our patients.

The Renaissance Festival is a medieval outdoor amusement park, a 16-stage theatre, a 50-acre circus, an arts and crafts fair, a Jousting Tournament, and a feast, all rolled into one non-stop, day-long, family adventure. There is an unlimited amount of delicious foods and drinks to try as well such as turkey legs, loaded baked potatoes, bread bowls and a variety of meats on sticks. Open for a whole month, this is a must go to event every year, especially for families!

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course donated two pairs of tickets, one pair was gifted to a Therapy Tree employee & the other to one of our patients.

Flag X is an obstacle course, in Flagstaff, that is similar to a basic military training setup with 32 zip-lines that hang high in the trees.  

“I think that this course pushes boundaries for a lot of people. It puts them in uncomfortable situations that causes them to grow and push themselves beyond the normal limits that they would experience in their day to day lives,” stated Sammy Riddle, one of the Safety Patrols at Flag X. There are 5 courses and they are broken up by difficulty and height. As you go through it gets higher and harder. In total it takes about 4 hours to do and the highest point of the course is 65 feet. Only about 20% guests actually get through the last course. 

Every two weeks we have a therapist or special guest read a children's book and post it on our Youtube channel. Did you know reading books to your children or them listening to a book reading improves their listening skills? The experts at Scholastic explain that listening is a skill kids must acquire before they can read themselves. They suggest that books on tape are a great addition to reading one-on-one with your child. These often provide entertainment value, too, like silly voices, music, and other embellishments. Every month we give away five of our Storytime books to a patient and each reader signs each book with a loving and special message. Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to stay alerted on our latest video!

Local Featured Event

More Local Events!

First Friday at the Children's Museum

215 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 

Friday, June 3rd, 2022

'Come From Away' Musical

1200 S Forest Ave, Tempe, AZ

June 14th-19th, 2022

First Friday on Roosevelt Row

333 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 

Friday, June 3rd, 2022

'Children of Eden' Play

10580 N 83rd Dr, Peoria, AZ 

June 10th-26th, 2022

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