Arizona Has Its 2nd Highest COVID Rise

 December 7, 2020

On Saturday, it was reported by Arizona health officials that, due to the holidays, there have been an additional 6,799 known COVID-19 cases.

This does not include the people who have not been tested yet, and studies suggest that people can carry the virus without showing any symptoms.

The Department of Health Services tweeted recently that you should wear masks “around anyone who isn’t a member of your household, even those you know and trust.”

The state also reported 40 additional deaths, as well as 2,931 COVID-19 hospitalizations. This is five times as many hospitalizations as early October. With this rapid increase, the number of unit beds dipped down to 8%. A week earlier it was at 11%, and two months ago it was at 21%.

The state’s averages of daily known cases, deaths, and COVID-19 positive tests have all increased from the past two weeks, according to Johns Hopkins University and The COVID Tracking Project.

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