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April 2022 Newsletter

Have You Met Our Newest Therapy Tree Member?! 

Meet 'Forrest the Fox'!

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest mascot, Forrest The Fox! Forrest will be making appearances at all of our clinic locations in the valley, local events & clinic events. Feel free to say hi & take a photo with Forrest whenever you see him. Make sure to share your awesome pictures on social media & don't forget to tag us @therapytreeteam!

Providing Pediatric Speech, Physical,

Occupational Therapy & More!

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." 

-Frederick Douglas

Welcome to the Therapy Tree Team!

Rosie the Therapy Dog

Certified Service Dog| Gilbert 

Arieana P.

SLPA| Gilbert 

Cara W.

SLP | Glendale

Sheena W.

Billing | Central Phoenix

Erika R.

OT| Glendale

Caryn B.

PT| Tucson

Staff Spotlight!

You Plant the Seed, We Help You Grow.

Patient Testimonial

"Therapy Tree Glendale & specifically Robin, have really turned everything around for our son Kolton in regards to his speech therapy. His therapy with Robin has really given him back his self confidence. He now enjoys reading to us his favorite books at night! We can’t thank Therapy Tree & Robin enough for everything they’ve done for our family."

- Amy B. 


Physical Therapist:

Glendale Clinic (Full Time)

Speech Language Pathologist:

Central PHX (Full Time & Part Time)

Speech Language Pathologist:

Gilbert Clinic (Full Time)

Occupational Therapist:

Southwest PHX (Saturday's Only)

For more information visit therapytreeaz.com/careers 

Insurance Updates

Happy April!! As a reminder, PLEASE let the front office know or email billing@therapytree.com if you have ANY changes to your insurance. We want to ensure we are billing the correct plans for your children. If you are emailing we will need your name, you child's DOB & copies of your insurance card front & back. 

Thank you kindlybilling@therapytree.com

If it were up to you, your child would sail through life without a care in the world. As parents, we try to protect our children from pain and discomfort—even though we know this is unrealistic.


Someone once equated being a parent to watching your heart walk around outside your body—and this sentiment rings true for many of us. It’s easy to feel helpless when your child is dealing with an issue you can’t easily fix or make disappear. Many families experience a grieving period when their child is diagnosed with any type of learning disorder. This is completely normal & ok...

Therapy Tree Tip: For Parents

The Important of Developing Pointing

"Child led therapy is important to incorporate because it encourages better participation & performance."

-Laura Rodriguez, SLPA | SW Phoenix Clinic.

Storytime: Book of the Month!

I Am a Bird by Hope Lim

Featured Local Giveaway's

Ad Astra | Prescott, AZ

Ad Astra donate a $50 gift card to one of our staff members, Sarina Patel.

Will, the founder of Ad Astra, wanted to go all out with his company so he felt that the space theme was very fitting. His business partner also works for a laboratory under NASA, so it's very fitting.

"There's always so much respect for space, it's like the ocean so unknown," stated Will.

Here at Ad Astra not only can you get a variety of drinks but some delicious food as well! It is located in a 100 year old building in Prescott that Audrey, Will's girlfriend, claims is haunted. For more information visit: www.adastrabrewingcompany.com

Every two weeks we have a therapist or special guest read a children's book and post it on our Youtube channel. Did you know reading books to your children or them listening to a book reading improves their listening skills? The experts at Scholastic explain that listening is a skill kids must acquire before they can read themselves. They suggest that books on tape are a great addition to reading one-on-one with your child. These often provide entertainment value, too, like silly voices, music, and other embellishments. Every month we give away five of our Storytime books to a patient and each reader signs each book with a loving and special message. Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to stay alerted on our latest video!

Local Featured Event

Maricopa County Fair | Phoenix, AZ 

More Local Events!

Maricopa County Fair

1826 West McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 

April 6th -10th, 2022

French Fry Festival

67 W Culver St, Phoenix, AZ 

April 9th, 2022

Country Thunder

20585 East Water Way Florence, AZ 

April 7th -10th, 2022

The 18th Annual Pat's Run

Tempe, AZ Area + Sun Devils Stadium

April 23rd -25th, 2022

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